Automated Lighting

Our lighting design team will add brilliant lighting effects to be coordinated with the music styles of your Wedding

Ambient Uplighting

Add a sophisticated warmth that will enhance and coordinate the colors of your Wedding


An elegant way to illuminate and accent the floral arrangements and centerpieces at your Wedding

Custom Monograms

Create the ultimate in personalization to your event. Project your name through light and onto the dance floor or walls of your venue

Video Displays

Our video production team will take your cherished photos and create a memorable video montage. Additional services include Zapshot photos and Same Day Edit

Dancing On Clouds

A true fairytale addition to your First Dance


An amazing addition to your Grand Entrance or First Dance. Indoor fireworks that are 100% safe, no flame, no smoke

Confetti Blast

3, 2, 1 blast off a spray of streamers and confetti to highlight a special moment of your reception

Snow Effect

Anytime, anywhere, Let It Snow

CO2 Blasts

This theatrical element shoots plumes of smoke for your grand entrance and high energy dance sets

LED Robots

The future is here to illuminate your dance floor. Available with CO2 club cannons


With many booth options, including our social booths & red carpet step & repeats, a great way to create memories for all ages who attend your reception

Lounge Décor

Custom designed to the floor plan of your venue, our furniture and decor designs will turn your Wedding into an event


Add a great LIVE touch to your already amazing DJ


Smooth, personable and interactive LIVE touch


Energetic, Fun & Unique LIVE accompaniment to your DJ


A talented vocalist will enhance your celebration with a selection of tunes during dinner breaks.

String Trios

Elegant musical addition to your Ceremony or Cocktail Hour

Voto Booth

The latest addition to the Platinum family of technology is our Voto Booth

In addition to having your traditional photo strips, your guests will be able to leave you up to a 30 second Video after they have taken their photos!

At the end of the night, you will be given a USB Flash Drive with All of the videos and Pictures that your friends and family captured.

Mirror Me Booth

Meet The Mirror Me Booth From Platinum Entertainment

The Mirror Me Booth is a unique photo-generating product offering the latest technology in interactive picture taking. The full-length mirror offers a sleek design.